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We All Thought "The Bobby Brown Story" Was Wild BUT Bobby's Sister Calls B.S.!

Bobby Brown released a two part television movie about his life on BET and the entire internet was SHOOK at the amount of tea he spilled! We found out he was smashing Janet Jackson, getting busy with two girls at once while writing the lyrics to the "Ghostbusters" theme song and we also found out that Whitney Houston was indeed doing cocaine before he even married her. HE DIDN'T INTRODUCE HER TO IT!

Part one of the movie had us all reeling from all of the tea spilled but part two had us all in our feelings after the deaths of SEVERAL family members in a row. The one thing that seemed to rub those of us live tweeting on Black Twitter wrong was the introduction, and self-righteousness, or his current wife Alicia.

The biggest critique came from someone a little closer to home though. . . Bobby's own sister!

Sis went IN on the entire film and even drew Bobby Brown Jr. out of the woodwork to try and diffuse the situation. Get ready for screenshot heaven!

Now, we tend to stay out of family beef but this right here is a bit much. Do y'all think this is just family drama from one person not liking the other or is there some ring of truth to this? Did you watch the movie or are you waiting for the one million and one reruns BET is getting ready to play? Let's chat about this!

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