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Snoop Dogg's Baby Girl Choc Releases Music Video "Love Me For Me" and it's a Vibe!

Welp, a few things are obvious from this post. Snoop's daughter Cori, also known as "Choc", is no longer a little girl and we're all officially old! If you remember Snoop's reality show "Father Hood" then you'll remember his daughter Choc as a beautiful, but shy, little one with the most gorgeous brown skin. In case you forgot, here's a clip from "Father Hood" just to take you down memory lane.

Formerly known as Cori B., the 19-year old singer is stepping out on her own to let the world know who she is, and what she stands for. Choc told “I am finally making music that means something to me. I am able to write about my experiences and the things I go through daily, which is such an amazing feeling. I am excited for the world to finally learn who the real CHOC is.”

Learning we are! Take a look at Choc's "Love Me For Me" below.

I'm loving the youthful vibe of the song and how it's relevant to her age group. There's nothing worse than what old heads consider a "baby" singing a song meant for folks who have lived for more than three decades and vise versa. Did you catch that Bible reference she threw in there? No, listen again!

Is Choc's "Love Me For Me" a Play or a Pass for you?

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