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Nicki Minaj Spills Safaree's Tea So He Drops a New Track to Ride the Wave! [LISTEN]

*Deep Sigh* Yesterday Nicki Minaj and Safaree decided to tell each other's business all over the internet. Sis dropped receipts, Safaree made some pretty shocking claims and all of us were wondering if the were holding on to some old feelings for each other.

If you've got time, scroll through their back and forth debacle below.

Shout out to "The Shade Room" for following this mud slinging trail because it was exhausting to keep up with and I'd rather take a nap.

NOW on to the comeback. True to his usually deflect strategy, Safaree decided to ride this wave of public interest and release a new single. When I spoke to Safaree a few months ago he said "When you Google my name I'd rather not have the negative be the only thing that comes up" and he's making sure that it's not.

I'm not mad at the man for dropping singles every time his name is hot in the press. It at least gets folks to listen to your music at least once. Is "She Got It" a Play or Pass for you?

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