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Woman Gives Birth and Leaves the Newborn, Wrapped in Plastic, in Her Car.

Women have been hiding pregnancies for ages and it still baffles me how they can get away with it. There have been countless cases where young girls, many who have been molested, give birth in secret after hiding a pregnancy for months. This is, behavior that is most often found in younger women, especially teens, who would be ridiculed for having sex and completely ostracized for having a child out of wedlock.

It's hard to say what caused Brennan Geller to conceal her pregnancy and what lead to the death of her newborn however, if there are answers. . . she's completely silent.

Geller, who works part-time at a gym, gave birth to a baby Friday night in her car. She then stuffed the baby in a trash bag and left the infant in the footwell of her car. She told no one that she was pregnant, no one about the birth.

On Saturday morning, the day after giving birth, Geller drove her self to a local hospital to seek medical attention. The employees at the hospital became concerned when they examined Geller and reasoned that she had recently given birth but did not disclose where the baby was.

After being pressured by police officers, Geller eventually told authorities that the baby was in her car.

The police officers then took Geller into custody.

Several of her friends and family spoke out concerning her arrest online saying:

'And to think i was friends with her… I didn't even know she was pregnant,' one said.

'I didn't even know she was like this or even pregnant. Jesus, I can't believe this. I'm, like, shook (sic) to the core,' another said.

'Known her since grade school and never thought in a million years she would do this, I feel so horrible for the baby and the dad. I wonder if he even knows…'

South Carolina has 'safe haven' laws that allow mothers to legally abandon babies at fire stations, churches, and hospitals.

Knowing that this child could have possibly survived had she taken it to a Safe Haven makes this situation even worse. Geller is now facing 20 years in prison for the death of her child.

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