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Actress Uses Great Technique to Dodge Weekend in Rikers!

Actress Parisse Daves, known to some for her role as Pink Hammer in the sci-fi series "Body Jumpers", has pulled off the greatest performance of her career! Daves was sentenced to do weekends in jail, on Rikers Island, for fraud but sis outsmarted the authorities and skipped the weekend at club Fed!

Daves was originally charged with depositing more than $82,000 worth of fraudulent checks into her bank account and earned a small six month sentence. Her lawyer, Joel Stein, made a plea to the judge to have her sentenced reduced to weekends only because Daves had found a reputable job, had turned her life around and had her teenage son living with her.

Everything was cool for a few weekends. Daves reported to the facility as promised and she was a model inmate while she was there.

Then she got an idea!

"The log book shows that Ms. Daves would leave the [Samuel L.] Perry building before being picked up and without being told that she could go,' Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Robert Shull said in court papers.

On January 12, Daves didn't even bother to sign in for transportation to Rikers, prosecutors said.

Records show that 15 minutes after she was due to sign in on that day, the felon was in lower Manhattan.

According to her lawyer, Daves tried to sign in at 5pm on five of the weekends and waited until midnight before allegedly being sent home by correction officers because there were no cells.

But in court papers, ADA Shull called her claims 'patently untrue'.

Stein added that Daves was sick on two of the weekends and saw a doctor, although he acknowledged she was not admitted to a hospital.

Daves now must chose whether to accept a deal of 400 hours of community service and probation. She will reveal her decision on August 7."

We're not condoning her behavior in any way HOWEVER sis is probably a weekend inmate legend after this stunt! If she was crafty enough to see a doctor, she should have gone the extra mile and gotten herself admitted!

All in all, she's still getting a break because 400 hours of community service is much better than spending your weekends in the pen!


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