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It Doesn't Pay to Spray! Toledo Woman Jailed for Vandalism. "Ni**ers Keep Out"! [WATCH

Patricia Edelen appears in Toledo court.

A Toledo, Ohio woman is behind bars and facing some hefty charges after spray painting a house in her neighborhood.

"Patricia Edelen, 47, of the 600 block of Ogden Avenue, was arraigned in Toledo Municipal Court on misdemeanor charges of ethnic intimidation, criminal mischief, criminal damaging, and obstructing official business.

A Realtor selling the property streamed video of the vandalism on Facebook Live, drawing a wide response. Several nearby residents saw the online video and worked together to clear the property. They scrubbed and used a power washer on the spray paint."

Edelen couldn't hide long because a neighbor, who has had run-ins with her in the past, caught her on his own home surveillance cameras. When the police showed up to arrest her, Edelen locked her doors and wouldn't come out, which resulted in them using force to enter her home. The local news station caught it all on camera.

"A judge continued bond at $25,450, issuing a no-contact order with the victim. Ms. Edelen pleaded not guilty to all counts."

It's really hard to believe that this woman would plead not guilty when she's caught on camera. I guess this is what privilege is. Being caught red handed and still being given the benefit of the doubt. It's a shame people of color can't get the benefit of the doubt when they're presumed guilty and murdered just for "fitting the description" on a daily basis.

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