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Play or Pass: Lil' Kim Gives Us a Present for Her Birthday and it's a "Nasty One"!

You gotta love it when artists give us presents for their birthdays! We've seen quite a few of them drop projects as tokens of love for their fans who celebrate their birthdays like holidays but NONE of them have given us "nasty" gifts. . . Until Lil' Kim.

The birthday girl has been dropping hints and single after single but this "Nasty One" is the first single off of, we're assuming, a new album!

She posted the teaser to her Instagram page saying: "Even tho it’s my birthday, I wanted to celebrate with you guys by giving you my first single #NastyOne. Happy Birthday Beehive! 🐝🎉Available EVERYWHERE! Link in bio. #lilkim #queenbee #beehive#cancerseason"


This song sounds more like the Lil' Kim we all knew and loved! Is "Nasty One" a Play or Pass for you?

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