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Self Proclaimed "Racist" Man Harasses a Group of Boys But They're Unbothered! [WATCH]

A group of San Pedro, California children found themselves on the receiving end of some pretty harsh words while skateboarding. The incident was caught on video by one of the youth and then uploaded to social media.

The older man in the video seemed to be annoyed that the boys were skateboarding on public property that didn't allow "scooters". The boys, who weren't riding scooters, were unbothered by his angry words and even shared a few of their own. The conversation got even more heated when one of the boys called the man a racist and the man snapped back with "yeah, I'm a racist but at least I'm something" and a few other hate filled words.

Take a look.

Now, in no way do we condone children talking like this to adults HOWEVER, it was good to see them stand up for themselves. Also, hearing the one boy who kept encouraging them to "just leave" was a breath of fresh air. It's not too often that we get to witness a child trying to be the bigger person when an adult is throwing a tantrum.


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