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Five People Shot at Dallas Football Game Including a Pregnant Woman! [WATCH]

What was supposed to be a night of fun and entertainment turned into a nightmare that left people injured, a mother clinging on to life and spectators traumatized.


"Police said that at least five people were struck by gunfire, including a pregnant woman. The incident happened at about 9:30 p.m. at a park along Spring Avenue, behind the Juanita Craft Recreation Center in the Fair Park area.According to police, a group of young adults had been meeting at the park for the past two weekends for a football game.

A witness shared video of the shooting on Facebook, recorded while he was running for cover. Dozens of gunshots can be heard along with people screaming. Earlier in the video, an argument can be heard between some people standing near the football field."

"Police said that a group of men pulled up to the scene and opened fire.

At least five people were struck by shots. A pregnant woman was rushed to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound to her chest. After an emergency C-section, doctors said that the baby is okay. The woman, however, remains in critical condition following the shooting. Nobody else was seriously hurt.

Braylon Allen-Stovall is the man who recorded the video. He was not injured, though he did dodge about 10 bullets."

"Police said that the first officers who arrived at the scene acted like paramedics, using tourniquets on the arms and legs of some victims to stop their bleeding. These quick actions could have saved lives in this incident.

Crime scene investigators remained at the football field into Monday morning to collect evidence. Police have still not made any arrests in this case, but have said that they are looking for at least two shooters. Descriptions of the suspects have not yet been released."

This is incredibly disheartening. Communities should be able to come together for a night of fun and competition without the fear of losing their lives. We'll definitely be praying for all of those injured, especially for the mother and her newborn child.

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