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How to Get Away with Robbery! Viola Davis' Home Suffers a Break-In WHILE SHE SLEPT!

Yo! Burglars are wild these days! There have been a rash of celebrity home break-ins and now the culprits have targeted our own favorite corrupt lawyer, Analise Keating! Ok, not really Analise but, Viola Davis who plays Analise Keating on "How to Get Away with Murder".

"We're told that Viola and her husband, Julius Tennon, were fast asleep in their bedroom on the second floor, when they were awakened by the sound of glass breaking ... glass from a door in their bedroom!

Turns out the burglars climbed a ladder to the second floor and jumped on the balcony that was off the master. The couple flipped on the lights and that sent the prowlers running.

When police arrived, the bad guys were long gone. But cops have a lead ... surveillance video shows three men wearing hoodies and gloves."

This has got to be one of the scariest things a person can experience. Nobody wants to wake up to this kind of terror ESPECIALLY when they have a young child in the house! Lord, let's hope these folks get caught so they can quit terrorizing the rich and famous!

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