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Tamar Braxton Admits to Being Blonde Because "Vince Liked Blonde Women". [WATCH]

Well, I guess Tamar's haircut was an omen that her divorce is going full speed ahead. After going on "The View" to discuss the elephant in the room, also known as Tamar's social media rant where she accused Vince of having a baby on the way, Tamar Braxton joined Steve Harvey on his daytime talk show to discuss relationships.

She lives by the adage that women need to "be attractive for your mate" and"stay current" for their man. During her segment with Keri Hilson and Kimberly Caldwell-Harvey, Tamar even admitted that she wore blonde wigs because her, soon to be ex, husband Vincent Herbert preferred blondes.

Take a look.

This isn't the first time that we've heard this from Tamar though. She dropped this tidbit on "Tamar and Vince" back in 2012. Refresh your memory.

Yeah, it looks like the man just likes what he likes. In my opinion, there's no way you can have inner peace if you're always trying to make someone else happy and not taking care of yourself first.

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