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Mother O Needs A Word from the Lord Before She Runs for President! [WATCH]

In a recent interview with People, Oprah Winfrey let it be known that folks can try to force the presidency on her with as much pressure, and coins, as they'd like. . . HOWEVER, she wants to hear it from the one being that matters most. GOD.

After her Golden Globes speech, the entire country, and some folks internationally as well, started the hashtag and chant #Oprah2020. If you missed her inspirational speech, get the recap below.

Lord knows the vast majority of us would love to have Mother O as president yet there are some who don't wish this headache on their worst enemy. According to reports, Ms. Winfrey "revealed that amid all the presidential chatter, and offers to finance her campaign, she went into prayer to seriously contemplate whether she could run."

'I pay attention, and when you have that many people saying something, I thought gee, I never in my life, ever, ever, thought I would be in politics. I've always said no no no no no,' she told People. 'Am I at least supposed to look a that question?

'I had enough people, billionaires calling me, saying I can get you a billion dollars, I can run your campaign.

'And I went into prayer. God, if you think I’m supposed to run, you gotta tell me, and it has to be so clear that not even I can miss it.'

If God does decide to send her a sign, I hope he also sends her the extra pockets to finance it. I wouldn't want her to part with so much of her own money because a girl's gotta live even after her job of running the country is over. Are you for or against #Oprah2020?

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