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Mother and Son Killed by Her Fiancee While Her Little Girl Narrowly Escapes.

On a night like any other, 31 year old Katrina Banks and her 15 year old son Kevin Johnson were at home preparing for bed. Sometime during the night Banks' fiancee, 31 year old Dorubari Dugbor killed the mother and son then, turned the gun on himself. The only survivor of this horrible tragedy, the couple's four year old daughter who was pretending to be asleep in her room.

According to reports:

"The young girl pretended to be sleep in her room during the shootings, Bellefountaine Neighbors Police Chief Jeremy Ihler said according to St. Louis Post Dispatch reports. The police chief said the child heard the first shots and came into the living room, finding her mother on the floor. Dugbor was said to have told her to go back to her room, which she did."

The case was initially thought to be a homicide because the detectives saw the gunshots first piercing the front door.

"Dugbor was found dead bent over on the couch with his cellphone in hand while also having a 9mm semiautomatic pistol in his lap. That helped lead authorities to believe that the deaths were the result of a murder-suicide.

Police claim a 911 call at 11.50pm on Thursday was made by the man on his cellphone.

Refusing to reveal his name, the man gave the police the address to the home and told them that they would find 'three' bodies inside, according to Ihler.

Police believe that once the call ended, Dugbor put the pistol under his chin and pulled the trigger, killing himself.

Mental health issues weren't previously reported and no disputes had been reported between the couple.

The little girl is currently being evaluated at a hospital and will be turned over to relatives.

Police believe that Banks was shot in the living room and that her son was shot after he came to see what the commotion was.

He made it to the hallway before succumbing to his wounds and dying, Ihler added."

This little girl is definitely in our prayers. No child should have to witness such a horrific event.

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