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Protesters Boycott Pittsburgh Pizzeria After Woman Brutalized on Video! [WATCH]

A Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania restaurant is losing a lot of dough after a male employee was caught on video slamming and choking a woman in their establishment.

According to WPXI:

"Zone 2 police detectives are investigating a violent altercation between a male employee and a woman at Milano's Pizza in the Uptown neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The incident occurred Friday evening, January 12, 2018. The female victim reportedly went to the hospital hours after the incident and that is where police were called to take a report. To clarify social media reports, the victim has not been charged. Zone 2 police are actively investigating this matter."

The woman in the video can be heard saying "Push me again" to the male shop worker and then proceeds to approach the person who is recording her saying "I see the. . ." when she is grabbed by her arm, restrained, head-butted and then wrestled to the ground. During the entire altercation the male can be heard saying "I said please" repeatedly increasing with intensity each time. We caution you that the video of the incident is very violent.

The victim, Jade Martin, went to the hospital on her own for treatment on January 12, following the incident, and it was there that police first learned about the incident. It seems, even with all of the commotion, NO ONE at the restaurant reported the crime. The next day the accused, Mahmut Yilmaz, turned himself into the police.

After this incident, hundreds protestors staged a boycott of the business with cries to shut it "down". You can watch the protest for yourself in the video below.

What are your thoughts on this situation?

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