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Trouble with the Real Housewives! Kim Accuses Kandi of "F*cking All Kinds of Girls"! [PHOT

A few months ago Porsha Williams, a former Real Housewife of Atlanta, accused Kandi Burress of trying to drug her and take her to a "sex dungeon". From that came "lesbiangate", the rumors allegedly started by Phaedra Parks. The epic blow up that ensued afterward was stuff that can only be seen on reality television. . . and their reunions of course. If you need to refresh your memory, watch the clips below.

New information seems to prove the "swinger" stigma that surrounds Kandi and her husband Todd. Kim Zolciak-Biermann, another fellow Housewife, tweeted that they are "full swingers" and are "f*cking all kinds of girls".

Kandi responded with a clap-back of her own saying she was "sick of these b*tches lying" on her and that Kim was "reaching".

Listen, do what you do in your bedroom. Have fun but. . . keep your business to yourself! If this is going down, I need for the folks in Kandi's camp to start handing out non-disclosure agreements!

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