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Mom's Boyfriend Brutally Beats Her Young Child for Opening a Christmas Present Early. [WATCH]

A 5 year-old Oklahoma boy is recovering after his mother's boyfriend brutally beat him "to teach him a lesson" for opening a Christmas present early. The boy's mother left him in the care of her boyfriend, 25 year-old Wesley McCullom, while she went to do additional Christmas shopping over the weekend. When she returned home, she found her child covered in bruises, welts and what appeared to be a hand mark on his face.

The mother made a statement on Facebook saying: "Words cannot explain seeing your baby like this and having no clue what happened. I ran to him like any mother would do crying, hugging him, begging what happened. ‘Wesley hurt me bad mama,’ is all he kept saying. . .For a grown man to punch a child over and over and slap him and beat him with a belt ALL over is no man at all. . .He is the lowest scum on earth…

McCullom was arrested for child neglect and child abuse and is currently in jail.

Let's hope someone teaches him a lesson on how NOT to hurt children while he's in there.

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