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Jay-Z's "Smile" is a Visual Throwback Masterpiece and Even Includes His Mom! [WATCH]

Jay-Z has been making quite a few masterpiece's lately, other than the twins, and the music video world is better for it. When he dropped "4:44" a few months ago, we already knew he was on another level with the sound aspect of his music but the videos that have followed have been AMAZING. "Smile" is literally a throwback to the 70's that follows his mother's struggle being a single parent in the projects fighting her own inner battles.

The video is over 8 minutes long and feels more like a mini-documentary than a music video. To say that I think it's his best work yet. . . it just might be, if we don't consider the shock video he did for "The Story of O.J." that one, whew! Watch the video below then post your thoughts.

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