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Tyrese Puts His Ex On Blast. Says She Married Him for Citizenship! [VIDEO]

Tyrese just doesn't know when to stop talking. Just a few weeks ago he was on social media crying, begging and pleading for his daughter and asking the ever so popular "What more do you want from me?" then, taking it all back with a "my bad, the meds made me do it" post, he's now dragging his ex through the mud.

In a video posted to the actor/singer's Instagram page, he writes:

"Shit that only REAL MEN and FATHERS who have been lied on constantly can relate to..... Hello my name is #PettyWop #PettyPendergrass#PettyLabelle #ChattyPatty or a whole lot of other things you savage online folks come up with -

"Let me define me for a second...... I am a MAN and a FATHER who has had to live with 10 years of false claims and have my career and opportunities tied into my image and Brand to literally go away because of my ex - so just maybe this 'clearing' the air and clearing my name is therapeutic for me cause if you don’t get it all OUT you end up angry cause you’re carrying it - She can’t just wake up on a Thursday randomly cause me of some crazy shit take my baby from me for 87 days then go back to living a regular life...... Gtfoh -

"I’m from the blocks in Watts and one thing I’ve learned is NOT to sit on your hands and be passive aggressive and Ok with 10 years of private and public abuse........ #TyreseGotTimeToday to keep my foot on your neck the way you’ve done me for 10 years with your lies and bullshit- #Exonerated not even ONE of your lies in 10 years was heard or believed in the courts - I heard the #Transcripts Of your whole #TESTIMONY just leaked online- Something in me wants to celebrate that TW world will finally HEAR your bullshit lies.. - the question is what else is she up to what’s the NEW lie and accusation that’s coming

"This is my cry for Help cause I’m still at Home deeply effected by my baby being taken from me for 87 whole days for NO REASON AT ALL........ you need to legally change your name back to Mitchell cause you’re the furthest thing from a GIBSON.... You hate me but yet you still wanna use my last name?? FOH!!!!"

Listen to him spill the tea on what led up to their appearance in court and her citizenship on HOT 107.9 in Atlanta.

Part 1

Part 2

Lord Tyrese. . . At what point are you going to realize that this constitutes as harassment and defamation? Even if there is an air of truth to what he's saying, it's probably be best that he just keep mum on things from here on out. What are your thoughts?

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