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Brotherly Love. Michael Blackson and Tyrese Gibson Share Family Court Sympathies. [WATCH]

It's no secret that the internet has been having a field day with Tyrese Gibson after he's been . . . how can I say this nicely. . . venting on social media lately. If you don't know what I mean by venting, check out our article here. I'm not one to laugh at someone's pain, AT ALL, but #TheInternetHasNoChill and even celebrities joined in and had fun at Tyrese's expense. Yesterday, comedian Michael Blackson posted a video poking fun at Tyrese's antics and Tyrese had time to respond this morning.

Watch the video then read their exchange below.

Some folks would have been offended by Michael's video but it looks like it was exactly the medicine Tyrese needed and it opened the door for a heart to heart PUBLIC conversation between the two fathers.

It was cool to watch these two handle the situation like grown men. The world needs more positivity and support like this!

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