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Caught On Video! Columbus Cops Discuss Choking the "Life Out of" Timothy Davis! [WATCH]

New body camera footage has surface in the Timothy Davis case out of Columbus, Ohio that has several police officers in hot water! The case was brought to light by bystanders who posted cellphone video footage of officers arresting Davis using what we all would describe as excessive force.

The officer can be heard on video saying at around the 1:43 mark “What did we tase him for? Why didn’t we just choke the (expletive) life out of him?” Then at 13:38 saying “There’s no, okay I’m going to arm bar you to the ground. No, I’m going to for real arm bar you and then when that still doesn’t work I’m going to choke the life out of you and then while you’re drooling on yourself I’ll handcuff you.” We want to warn you that the video contains explicit language and may be extremely offensive to some.

Watch the video below, audio comes on at around :40.

After the video was released via the Channel 10 News and social media, the Columbus Police Department released the following statement:

This is still not enough. Davis' family is calling for the removal and arrest of all police officers involved in his violent beating. Check out the behind the scenes footage of Davis' mother's interview with the Channel 10 News crew.

Let's hope this family gets the justice they deserve!

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