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What's Better Than One Billionaire? Two! Blue's Freestyle Leaks! [LISTEN]

Listen, I'm all for keeping the dollars in the family and letting children have SOME creative freedom. For instance, you can color your trees whatever color you want BUT you will not go anywhere with me wearing a football helmet, tutu and flip flops! I'm not that kind of parent. Well, it looks like Jay-Z and Beyonce are those types of parents, kinda. Last night a snippet from the 4:44 bonus track "Blue's Freestyle/We Family" leaked via twitter and when I say, I'm confused. . . I'm confused about "everything, everything. . ." However, at this point in her life, that 5 year old could buy me and keep me as a toy like I'm Richard Pryor so I'm going to hush and let y'all listen. . .

Maybe this isn't Blue at all. . . Maybe somebody else let their kid rap on a song and put it out here for us to go nuts over. Let's discuss this in the comments below!


Want a longer clip? Here you go!

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