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Beyonce's Babies are Finally Home!

After nearly two full weeks in the hospital, Beyonce' and Jay-Z's twins are finally home! The twins, rumored to be named Shawn and Bea, were born prematurely and had to spend time "under the lights" and, or course, picking up weight before they were given the all-clear to vacate the premises. Word on the street is, Beyonce' and the babies were released from the hospital late last week and were actually able to keep that under wraps for a few days!

Now a full family of 5, the Carter's have set up residence in a FABULOUS Malibu estate and it's been reported that they'll be staying there for the summer. That's an excellent idea for the Carter's! Personally, I wouldn't be traveling with two FRESH babies no matter how many private jets and how much hand sanitizer I had!

Check out the photo of their Malibu digs below! It certainly looks like Blue will have plenty of room to roam and, hopefully, not get lost!

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