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Somebody Come Get Your Uncle!

We've all got that one family member who we shouldn't let loose on social media. Well, this one belongs to y'all and I'm blaming you for not teaching Uncle Al Sharpton how to take a proper selfie!

A few days ago one of Uncle Al's selfies surfaced on his Instagram page and, after being hit with the dreaded screenshot, it circulated the internet in pure meme form! I'm not one for body-shaming, EVER, but I am one to critique your photo style! Somebody, ANYBODY, give Uncle Al some selfie tips! No, y'all ain't gonna help him out? Fine then. I will. . .

According to Allure magazine there are rules to taking a good selfie. The best tip they offered, that directly relates to not just Uncle Al but ALL of us, is:

"Consider your background. The best selfies have either interesting backgrounds (Oh, you're just casually selfie-ing while skydiving? Great.) or really, really simple ones. The middle ground is what's deadly. And beware of photo-bombers."

How many of us have seen someone's selfie with dirty clothes or dishes in the background? Clean your room people! We don't want to see the pigsty that you call a bedroom! Al Sharpton is guilty of having himself in his background in a way that isn't too flattering! Nobody needs to see the full body in workout clothes Uncle Al, nobody. It just makes you fodder for internet memes and such. If you want to get a gander at Uncle Al's selfies. . . just take a look below!

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