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Chris Brown Releases New Music!

It's no secret that Chris Brown has been working on a brand new project and is preparing to drop a new album literally any day now. Just a few days ago he released the audio for his new single "Welcome to My Life" and his fans are in a frenzy!

I've always loved Chris Brown even when he didn't love himself. He's the Tiffany to my Tyra and I'll ALWAYS be rooting for him! I believe in Chris and I think he is amazingly talented! All of this is beside the point, I just felt the need to let the world know that I love him and he's gonna be aight! Trust me.

Any way, enjoy this gif of Tyra saying exactly what we all want to say when someone we love messes up and then take a listen to the song below!

Do you think he's still got it? Post your comments below!

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