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Woman Found Dead in Trunk was an Aspiring Makeup Artist and YouTuber.

28-year-old Briana Teirra Johnson was found dead in the trunk of a car driven by Victor Campbell, 34, over the weekend. In the beginning, little was known about Johnson and exactly how she knew Campbell but, more details have been surfacing in the days since the story first broke.

According to Johnson's family, she was a former Texas Southern University graduate who friends say had a great "sense of humor" and a "love of makeup" that she shared on her YouTube channel. Police suspect that Campbell and Johnson had been in some type of relationship but could not comment on how serious the two were.

After crashing his car trying to escape police, Campbell was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and his vehicle was searched. That's when the police found Johnson's body in the trunk and evidence that lead them to her residence..

Sources confirmed Johnson lived there, adding that Campbell stayed there occasionally. Sources also said Campbell covered the surveillance camera on his side of the duplex with a sheet, but failed to cover the other side.

They have video that shows Campbell backing up Johnson's car to the door and loading up her body into the trunk around 4:55 a.m. Saturday. That video has been given to investigators.

Even with all of this evidence, Campbell still hasn't given authorities a motive for killing Johnson or even explained how she died.

Campbell faces charges for felony evading arrest, driving while intoxicated, tampering with evidence, and abuse of a corpse. Additional felony charges may be added, police said.



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