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#SmallBusinessSpotlight Liptionary Cosmetics Changing the Way Women Incorporate Health into Beauty!

About once a month we shine our #SmallBusinessSpotlight on a Black Owned Business that is either breaking ground, changing the game or offering our audience something new. Well, Liptionary is doing all of the above!

Liptionary Cosmetics is the brainchild of Arizona native Nita McNeal who first got the idea for the cosmetics line in 2013. The company offers vegan products that are crafted with excellence and not only look and smell good but, make you feel good about using them. The company's mission statement says that Liptionary wants the women that use their products to have a boost in, not only their beauty but their "health, self-care, intelligence, empowerment, confidence and freedom all across the world." It is their mission to be strong, bold, inimitable and a staple in the world of health and beauty.

"As we all know" McNeal says "health is the most important factor in ones life and especially during the current state of the world. We enforce producing a safe product with no harmful chemicals, our customers safety is always at the forefront."

I was gifted a goodie bag of products from the company and, at first, I thought to myself that nothing could compare to the lines that I was currently using. That was BEFORE I got these products in my hands. Let's get into the packaging first. The products come in packaging that is comparable to every bougie brand we've seen in chain stores. I didn't want to just wear their products once and then give you a microwave, or quick review, we (myself and another staff member) used these products for WEEKS and we were both satisfied!

I was gifted a makeup bag including a lip mask, lip scrub, lip treatment with Vitamin C, the most beautiful red matte lipstick, lip gloss and a lip liner.

If you know anything about me, or if you've been hanging around my social media or this website, then you know I LOVE A RED LIPSTICK. I collect red lipsticks like little boys collect Hot Wheels and I didn't think there would be one that would even match my favs. Listen, just like I had to admit I was wrong in my book "Sometimes, Sis, it's YOU!", I had to admit I was wrong on lipstick too! Liptionary Cosmetics has a red lipstick called "Portmanteau" that is the most stunning shade of red I've seen in a very long time. The lipstick isn't just stunning in color, it goes on smoothly and looks goon on all skin tones. To say that it has quickly become a favorite is an understatement.

The lip gloss shade that I was gifted is called "Synoptic". This gloss smelled like a soft fruity heaven and I couldn't wait to try it! To say that I felt like "my lip gloss was poppin" was an understatement! The creme styled glass comes in a clear stylish tube that has a velvety tipped wand. The wands tip isn't super short like some others I've owned and really gives you enough product to cover fuller lips like mine. It's the perfect "nude" shade for most women of color. Listen to me when I say that this gloss has become my "go to" gloss. I throw it on at work, when I'm doing videos or when I'm literally just sitting in the house. This gloss does not miss!

I took some a couple of snaps on SnapChat of me wearing both of these shades and how they look on someone with my skin tone. The liner, in "Objective", works well with both of the lip shades.

The lip mask, scrub and lip treatment are also out of this world. The staff member who used this side of the line, uses different lip scrubs and treatments often. The lip scrub, in "Phrases", gave her lips an exfoliation like none she'd ever experinced before. After following the scrub with the lip treatment, in "Catalyst", she reported that the lip care products, from Liptionary Cosmetics, left her lips feeling healthy, free of dead skin and moisturized.

Liptionary Cosmetics just launched fully in January of 2021 and they already have hopes of increasing their customer base and building up their brand to one day become available in more mainstream stores. You can find out all about Liptionary Cosmetics by visiting their website or by calling 800-811-5711.

If you have run a black owned business and would like to be featured in our upcoming #SmallBusinessSpotlight, send us an email at with the subject "Small Business Spotlight"! We'd love to feature your company!


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