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MoReese Madu and Alan Adeleke Drop an Against the Odds Self Discovery/Romance Gem with David Rowell.

Have you ever thought about what life is like for the formerly incarcerated? Have you ever wondered how hard some of them fight to gain their footing and get some normalcy in their lives? Has it crossed your mind that they might even be worthy of finding love? All of those questions are answered in the newest film by writer Moreese Madu and director Alan Adeleke. The team paired up for "Differences" starring David L. Rowell and Empress Quamine.

Here's the synopsis:

Recently released from prison, Lamad Cannon works at his Uncle Mike’s failing African gift shop while trying to figure out a

business  to start. Sanaa Blue is a world-renown singer who is seeking some normality from her fame. A chance encounter over wall-décor blossoms into a promising romance that inspires Lamad to save  his uncle’s shop from closing and Sanaa to attain her music rights.  But when her fiancé returns home to claim what’s his, it places both their relationship and business goals in jeopardy.

I'm not even going to lie, by the time I got to interview David L. Rowell, a good friend of The Chatty Passenger, I'd seen "Differences" a good three to four times. The film is so well produced that you almost forget you're watching a it for free!

During our interview, Rowell and I discussed how he fully embodied Lamad Cannon and how he used the struggle of a character to inspire viewers and anyone who wanted to chase their dreams.

The film's director, Alan Adeleke, says of Rowell "I knew from the moment David and I spoke that he was just as invested in the character as I was. We were open, and honest with each other, and we weren't afraid to push the envelope. David embodied Lamad and married the character. This story is genuine because of that.  Working alongside David is the first of many opportunities that I expect to see in our film careers going forward." Writer Moreese Madu spoke of Rowell's "light" while being on set and how his energy influenced those around him. If you couldn't tell from the interview clip posted above, Rowell is definitely a positive influence and he hopes that we all get to experience the power of positive change, love and second chances while watching "Differences".

To listen to the entire interview, you can visit our Podcast page, or click here. You can find out more about David L. Rowell and his philanthropic work by visiting his foundation here.


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