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More Details Have Surfaced in the Case of a Man Accused of Beating His Girlfriend's Baby to Death.

More details have become available about the man police have accused of killing his girlfriend's young daughter.

Just a few days ago we reported that 20-year-old Thomas Ivy had been taken into custody in connection with the death of a baby. On Friday June 16 on a call of suspected child abuse to a patient in their care. Officers took reports, witness statements from hospital staff and began their initial investigation. Two days into their investigation, the little girl died from her injuries. Injuries that, police suspect, were inflicted by Ivy, the boyfriend of the child's mother.

At the time of our first reporting, there were little to no details surrounding the manner in which the child died but sources close to the case have come forward. The paternal family of the baby say that the child was beaten, punched and kicked in the head and stomach. The child's maternal side of the family has not made any accusations or claims that have been made public.

Ivy, a former football star for Central Oklahoma University, had been a champion athlete in both high school and college. Now, his mother is receiving threats via social media concerning the accusations against her son.

The father's side of the family has been very vocal about the case, even capturing the child's mother's arrest on video. The unidentified woman can be seen on the video being led out of a building in handcuffs while the person recording watches in disbelief and calls her a "bad *** mother". People close to the family believe that the mother of the child knew of the abuse and did nothing to protect her baby.

Authorities have not publicly identified the child but, according to family and friends of the child's parents, she has been identified as Jalecia Jhene Johnson. It is believed that the mother was keeping the child from the father and his family only for their beloved "Baby J" to end up dead. One family member took to social media to express her pain saying:

"Why would you allow an innocent defenseless sweet baby endure the severe trauma that she had to go through,Why would you say you love your baby and allow her to go through unimaginable pain, Why would you keep her from her father that loved her so much and her family that would never allow such cruelty to happen to her,Why and How is so trapped in my mind because I could never understand it The pain that you left the emotionless expression on your face for someone you said you loved. I have never felt so much hate and animosity for someone and I'm praying to God to take that iniquity out of my heart,You could never understand the pain my grandson is going through He loved his baby girl so much and you did your best to keep her away, you know she loved her daddy as much as he loved her. Praying to God to heal the hole you put in his heart.DANCE IN PARADISE BABY J.


This innocent, sweet, child did not deserve any of this and we hope that he family will receive justice and have peace. If you would like to help this family in their time of need there are ways to do so. Share this story and give financially, if you can.

A GoFundMe campaign has been organized to help the baby's father handle her final arrangements.

Ivy has been arrested and charged with First Degree Murder, Death of a Child by Injuring/Torturing/Maiming and domestic assault and battery.

In this country, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.



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