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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing His Girlfriend's Young Daughter.

A Broken Arrow, Oklahoma man has been arrested and charged with allegedly killing the young daughter of his girlfriend.

According to reports from Broken Arrow Police, Officers responded to a local medical facility on Friday June 16 on a call of suspected child abuse to a patient in their care. Officers took reports, witness statements from hospital staff and began their initial investigation. Two days into their investigation, the little girl died from her injuries. Injuries that, police suspect, were inflicted by the boyfriend of the child's mother.

Investigators say the man, identified as 20-year-old Thomas Ivy, was the reported suspect in the child's death according to several witnesses. The incident that led up to the child's death reportedly happened at a home in 4500 block of South Elm Place.

He now faces charges of first-degree murder, death of a child by injuring, torturing, or maiming, and domestic assault and battery. The FBI is working with Broken Arrow police due to a person involved being a tribal member.

This story is still developing and we will have more details as they become available.


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