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Mental Health Crisis Leaves a Michigan Family Frozen to Death and a 10-Year-Old Clinging to Life.

A Pontiac, Michigan community is in mourning after learning a mother and two of her children were found dead. Monica Cannady, 35, is described by her family as loving, a hard worker and a caring mother to her children. No one would have imagined that Cannady and her children would met the fate that they did.

It was suspected that a few weeks ago Cannady, who was the mother of three, suffered a mental health crisis. Reports say that the children's father had been murdered in 2021 and the trial for the accused was to begin shortly. Whether the upcoming trial has something to do with her mental state, no one will ever truly know, what we do know is that Cannady, and her sons, were found dead. Frozen to death after laying down to sleep in a field.

According to Fox 2 in Detroit, Police discovered the bodies of Cannady, as well as her two sons Kyle Milton, 9, and Malik Milton, 3, in a field near Crystal Lake, which is near Telegraph and Woodward Avenue.

They were found after the woman's 10-year-old daughter Lilly woke up, grabbed her mom's coat and ran to get help. Police learned of her family after she knocked on a neighbor's door early Sunday morning.

Cannady's brother Andre Harsten had searched for her sister all weekend. The news has left him crestfallen.

"It's just so sad that they were so young, didn't even get to experience life yet," he said. "I wouldn't blame her. I just wanna know what happened. What was in her system? I need answers to that so I can know what type of state of mind she was in.

"This never ever would have been her."

A GoFundMe campaign has been organized to help the family with final arrangements for Monica, Kyle and Malik. Lilly is said to still be hospitalized but in stable condition.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering and needs mental health help, please reach out to the national lifeline by clicking here or dialing 988.


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