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Louisiana Couple Found Dead and Their Border Confesses to Their Murders!

A middle-aged couple from Kentwood, Louisiana was found murdered Friday and, according to police, their killer was someone they'd taken in to their home!

On Thursday February 18, Iva Jane Travis, 54 and Lewis “Payton” Travis, 55, were reported as missing. Police say that they were last seen alive on Valentine's Day but no one close to the couple had seen or heard from them since.

In their investigation police made contact with Kevin Buckley. Buckley, 34, lived with the couple at their Hwy. 440 residence and worked with Payton for many years.

While speaking to Buckley regarding the couple’s whereabouts, Buckley confessed to killing both victim’s and told detectives the location of their bodies.

Police are not releasing how the couple died and will not say what Buckley's motive was for killing the couple who took him in.

This is sad in so many ways. This couple tried to help someone who was in need and paid for it with their lives.

Buckley was arrested and is being held on two counts of first degree murder.

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