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Infant Boy, Who was Abducted Last Month From Columbus, Ohio with His Twin, has Reportedly Died.

Very sad news out of Columbus, Ohio this morning. Little Ky'air Thomas, pictured right, has reportedly passed away.

Ky'air and Kason Thomas were both abducted last month while sitting in their mother's car and the car was stolen. Ky'air was found the next morning, still in his car seat, in a Dayton, Ohio airport parking lot. His brother wouldn't be found until days later and hundreds of miles away in Indiana.

The woman who abducted them, Nalah Jackson, is currently behind bars and facing federal kidnapping charges.

Once the babies were both reunited with their family, we'd hoped for a happy ending with the boys both growing up to become successful men. Unfortunately, that won't be the case for little Ky'air.

Around midnight police were called to the family's home at E. Whitter and Champion for a medical emergency. When emergency responders arrived they found a baby who wasn't breathing or responsive. Paramedics did all they could to revive the baby but, nothing could be done to save him.

This photo of Ky'air and Kason was taken just hours before he passed away.

Family member, Wilma Booker told ABC 6 loved ones can't believe after all they have gone through something like this could happen.

"We're gonna continue to pray we're gonna continue to be together we're gonna continue to be there for each other the best way we know how and that's it question is there words kayak for Kyair what was your last thing memory of him something that you would like to hold him one more time play with him what is something that you would tell him. I would tell him I gonna miss him, I'm gonna tell him that his mother loves him so much. I would tell him all that I didn't have a lot of time with him how much his mother is really gonna miss him."

Although Ky'air's death appears to be from natural causes, Columbus investigators are still gathering evidence.

Please keep this family in your prayers.


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