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Father Shot and Killed Driving His Young Daughter to School While on the Phone with His Mother!

He said ‘mama I’m shot, mama I’m shot,'” a tearful Aquantas Gilmore said as she told WGNTV of her last telephone conversation with her son.

Gilmore's son, Travell Miller Gilmore, had been driving his 7-year-old daughter to school yesterday morning when he stopped in traffic in the 3000 block of West Chicago Avenue around 7:30 a.m.

Police said an unknown man exited a vehicle, approached the man and shot him multiple times. His father said investigators may be looking for two people — the gunman and the driver.

“He was sitting at the light and five cars behind him, a guy gets out of a car, walked up to his car, exchange brief words with him and then starts firing,” father Joseph Gilmore said.

Gilmore's mother was on the phone with him during the incident and heard the commotion.

“I hear my baby screaming, just screaming and screaming. He said ‘mama I’m shot, mama I’m shot,'” mother Aquantas Gilmore said.

Relatives said he was loving and adventurous and worked as a bartender. Miller Gilmore, 30, and his identical twin brother called themselves “BarTWINders.”

Family said he had custody of his daughter and shielded her during the shooting. Miller Gilmore was shot four times and his daughter was not injured.

“The doctor was explaining by the way the entry of the bullets that it appeared when the assailant began to shoot at him, he leaned over to protect her to keep her from being shot,” Joseph Gilmore said.

Miller Gilmore's family is hoping that someone who has information will come forward so that they may begin the healing process after losing their son. A GoFundMe has been organized by the family to help with funeral and final expenses.

If you or someone you know has any information we ask that you contact the Chicago Police Department by clicking here. Tips are anonymous.


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