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"F**k This Baby!" Florida Mother Recorded Herself Abusing Her Newborn. Sent Videos to the Father.

Growing up my mother always told my siblings and I "You've got to watch who you have children with. Do you want your children to look like that? Do you like their behavior? You're going to be attached to that person forever." No truer words were ever spoken or needed and now, we all see why!

A Florida mother was arrested after authorities say she violently abused her own 5-week-old baby! Not only did she abuse the baby but she sent videos of the abuse to the infant's father.

According to her arrest report, Bryunna Joyce, 19, first sent the baby’s father a video of her slapping their daughter four times.

“U think I won’t kill her. Say it again,” Joyce allegedly texted the man.

Among the other texts sent, according to police, were:

“I’m just act like it’s (an) accident.”

“She is dead.”

“She is dead laying (in) the car seat.”

“Like a dog.”

“F*** this baby.”

“Well this getting boring. I’m really treat your child like dog s***. I’m just (going to) send u videos. No more talking. I never sit up here stole from u no nth to u ntn are all u can stop with the msg I can care less.”

According to City of Miami police, Joyce told her daughter’s father that she was going to give “this b**** cat foot” and then sent him another video showing her throwing the baby off the bed.

Thank God the baby didn't die! Police say that Joyce also sent the child's father a video of her violently rocking the baby's carseat so hard that the baby hit her head several times. The videos also show Joyce grabbing the baby by the throat, placing her hand over the baby’s face and holding a thick blanket over the baby’s face for 37 seconds as the baby cried and moved her face around in order to breathe.

According to law enforcement, the father sent the videos to a case worker with the Florida Department of Children and Families, who went to try and find Joyce at her home on the 2400 block of West Sixth Court. Unable to find her, she reported the missing children to the Hialeah police department, which mobilized officers for an urgent search throughout Sunday.

Joyce was arrested and the baby was transported to a local children's hospital with undisclosed injuries. Joyce also has a one-year-old child who is safe and placed with a relative. Police say that this horrific ordeal stemmed from an argument that Joyce had with the baby's father.

Joyce was arrested on charges of written threats to kill or do bodily harm, domestic battery by strangulation and child abuse without great bodily harm.

We're praying that this woman gets some psychological treatment because there's clearly something wrong. Yes, she committed a crime and needs to pay for that too but, she's in need of some therapy as well. We're thankful that her children survived.

Fellas, this should be enough for you all to be more careful about who you are intimate with. EVERY SINGLE PARTNER is the potential mother to your child. Choose wisely.


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