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7 Children, Including an Infant, Overdose on Pills Given to Them by a Sibling While Home Alone!

Seven young children, all under the age of eight-years-old, were rushed to the hospital after reportedly overdosing on drugs.

Police in Hopewell, Virginia around 5:30pm last night to 100 South 16th Street where four children — ages one, two, three and four — were found unresponsive.

According to reports the adult who had been left in charge of the children left them briefly to go to the store. The unidentified male adult returned home to a terrifying scene.

Four children were found in a common area of the home while three more kids were found in a different part of the apartment. These children were awake, but were lethargic.

At this time, investigators believe that a seven-year-old child gave the children sleeping pills.

According to WTVR, "They were left unsupervised for a short period of time and one of the kids that have prescription medication got into it and shared with the other children here," Lt. Cheyenne Casale with the Hopewell Police said.

Investigators said the pill bottle found didn't have a label on it. However, after questioning the seven-year-old and consulting with doctors, they were able to determine that sleeping pills are the focal point.

All seven children were taken to John Randolph Hospital. Since then, the two youngest children were transported to another hospital in serious condition.

"I don't know the details of their treatment but some are being transported to other hospitals for further treatment," Casale said.

Lt. Casale says that they are going to "find out who are we going to hold accountable and get these kids in a safe environment, that's our number one goal."

Charges haven't been filed yet and the investigation is still ongoing.


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