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Ohio Realtor Called Out for Racial Profiling BUT the Entire Debacle Wasn't Her Fault. [LISTEN]

An Ohio realtor has had some serious allegations thrown her way and, in the middle of cancel culture, she's not going down quietly. On September 23 Realtor Barb Scozzie found herself in the hot seat after a realty mix up. Scozzie had taken a client to see a home in Richmond, Ohio when they noticed that there was another couple on the property. The other couple identified themselves as a male realtor and female client, both are people of color. The meeting started off amicable but ended up with the cops called and reports of guns drawn.

Before we share Scozzie's side of the story, we want you to read what the other realtor's client had to say.

This looks bad doesn't it? Well, this was only one side of a horribly mixed up story. We've received the actual reports, statements and voice recordings that prove Scozzie never said she had her gun drawn or meant any malice. Watch this video then browse through the corresponding documents.

Here is the statement from Scozzie's client who also happens to be a Black woman.

Now, check out the actual report that Scozzie herself wrote.

At no point during her call, or her documents, did Scozzie say she drew her weapon. How the dispatcher added that bit of misinformation we'll never know but, it really caused this woman a lot of trouble. Scozzie, a single mother of four, said in a statement to us that she voluntarily surrendered her realtor credentials and requested a formal investigation by the police department into the dispatcher who handled her call. That dispatcher was found to be negligent and has been suspended, pending further action.

At this time Scozzie is just trying to clear the misunderstanding and let the public know that she was NOT being a "Karen" about the situation. Scozzie says that she and her client "have talked very openly about black vs white prior to this to get an understanding of each other as people". Scozzie, who has been committed to understanding the disparities between the two races, was blindsided by the incident and how quickly it turned for the worse. "I'm upset for them and they don't even know it," Scozzie said speaking of the other realtor and his client "I'm so pissed the dispatch made that awful relay to the officers. I thank God everyday no one was hurt. They were very professional and I'm thankful for that."

We're thankful that everyone got to go home to their families and even more grateful that this instance, for once, REALLY wasn't what it seemed. We hope one day Scozzie will be able to talk with the other realtor and his client. The world needs more people willing to talk things out. In the meantime, we wish her the best of luck.

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