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Early Morning Mass Shooting Leaves a 4-Year-Old Dead and 4 Others Clinging to Life. [UPDATE]

If it's going to be heartbreaking or strange, it's going to happen in Ohio. We woke up to horrible news this morning of a mass shooting just minutes from our headquarters.

Struthers Police Chief Tim Roddy tells 21 News that a suspect walked through the front door of a two-story frame home at 111 Perry Street just before 2 a.m. and began yelling and firing shots into the living room of the home. When he was done, he simply walked away, leaving four adults critically injured and a four-year-old boy dying in his mother's arms.

One of the men was shot in the head twice and is in critical condition at St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown, Ohio. The other man, who was shot in the back twice, is “close to critical condition.” The women, who were shot in the leg and hip areas, are in stable condition.

The 4-year-old child, identified as Rowan Sweeney, died at the scene.

The adults victims are:

  • Andre Stephon McCoy, Jr., 20, of Youngstown

  • Yarnell Green Jr., 30, of Youngstown

  • Cassandra Marsicola, 20, of Campbell

  • Alexis Schneider, 22, of Struthers who is Rowan's mother.

The women, according to neighbors, are friends and the male victims are their boyfriends.

Police say the suspect is a younger light-skinned black male, with a thin build and was wearing a black jacket.

Rowan's father, David Sweeney, spoke at a press conference urging the shooter to turn himself in. “Whoever did this, man, just turn yourself in. Just be a man, dude. Just be a man. You’re sick. You’re just sick. You took my son from me. This is my baby boy. You took him because you’re sick. You can live with that for the rest of your life, but this is my baby,” Sweeney said.

There is an active police search for the unidentified shooter and the authorities are calling on the public to help. If you, or anyone you know, has information please call Crimestoppers at 330-746-CLUE or the Struthers Police Department at 330-755-9849.


Struthers Police Chief Tim Roddy said Kimonie Bryant turned himself in to authorities at about 7:30 p.m.

Bryant was taken into custody at the federal building in downtown Youngstown on aggravated murder charges. He is in the Mahoning County Jail with no bond.

As of this moment, there has been no motive given for the shooting.

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