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Play or Pass: Kelly Rowland Wakes You Up with Some "Coffee"! [NEW MUSIC]

We all love us some Kelly Rowland and the style of music that she brings. The former Destiny's Child singer has made good use of her quarantine time and has blessed her fans with new music.

Her new single "Coffee" is an ode to love and making it with the one you roll over to in the morning.

With lyrics like: "I know we just wokeI know you gotta go but

Breakfast isn't overI see the way you rose up

Hmm, they say mornin' wood do a body good, babe

Clearly you agree, don't be tryin' to leave

Stay here with meI'll put you right back to sleep

I'll get you right for the week

We can vacay in the sheets

Let you parlay in the pink."

Who could resist?

Check out the picturesque video that is a testament to the beauty of brown skin below.

Is this song a play or pass for you? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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