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Beyonce Releases "Homecoming" Documentary AND Live Album!

While some folks were a little let down by the "Homecoming" documentary being a "Road to Coachella", so to speak, those same folks were floored when the Netflix documentary came with a LIVE ALBUM! Say what you want about Beyonce', sis knows how to move SMART!

We've known for some time that she likes to record videos of all of her rehearsals, family moments and performances but "Homecoming" felt more like the making of a comeback! 'Yonce' documents what it was like to have a surprise pregnancy in the middle of preparing for Coachella 2017, the need for an emergency C-Section and trying to get her body back into shape after the surgery. All of this felt like a peek into her diary and made her feel more "regular" in a way.

Well. . . regular for Beyonce'!

In filming and preparing for her Coachella 2018 performance, she threw in an added bonus and decided to record the audio. The result is nothing short of amazing and definitely a playlist for working out, cleaning house or just getting your entire life! If you want to take a listen, check it out below.

Literally, only Beyonce' is outworking Beyonce' right now. Congratulations!


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