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Brooklyn Bishop and His Son Accused of Raping Their Own Daughters and Other Parishioners.

With the recent release of "Surviving R. Kelly" more and more victims of sexual abuse are finding the strength to tell their own stories Not only are more victims coming forward against singer R. Kelly but against other influential men in the community as well. The most recent being a Brooklyn, New York Bishop and his son.

A woman by the name of Myia Maples-Andrews took to Facebook Live to cry out for help on behalf of her young sister-in-law whom she says told her that she was being molested at church by her very own father.

In the video Andrews claims that the child told her that the abuse had been going on for years. Andrews tearfully pleads for the community and authorities "shut this church down" because it isn't being used the way God designed. She says that the Bishop, the young girl's grandfather, was also guilty of raping his own daughter as well as other women in the church. Take some time to watch the video below.

Andrews held to her word and alerted the news media outlets and told her sister's story on their local news.

Pix 11 News reports that the child's father Matthew Gibson was arrested on Thursday and charged with criminal sex abuse and forcible touching of a female victim between the ages of nine and 14.

The little girl’s grandmother is beyond upset.

“He should rot in hell,” grandmother Josephine Maples told reporters "How can a father do this?"

"The Maples family claims the sex abuse and assault of young girls at the Progressive Baptist Church has been going for years and involves others assailants besides Gibson.

At 10 a.m on Sunday, the Maples family and supporters will be demonstrating against the church during Sunday services."

What's most ironic is that just last week Andrews posted a status to Facebook referencing this very type of public outrage. She said:

"Everyone laughing until Lifetime Airs......Surviving Family members Surviving Pastors

Surviving Teachers Deacons Coaches Babysitters Playmates Etc.......... The ones making jokes are “CHURCH FOLK” Absolutely not ok!!!"

Andrews is planning a protest of the church during Sunday service tomorrow at 10am. She's asking that 200 women come out in support of this child, and other survivors of sexual abuse committed in this church.​​

Matthew Gibson (pictured right) has allegedly confessed to his crimes and is in police custody. There is no word on whether or not his father, Bishop Ben T. Gibson, will be brought up on charges for the crimes that he has allegedly committed.

We will have further details on this story as they become available. In the meantime, let's pray for these children and eveyone involved.


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