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New in #LivingWhileBlack: White Woman Calls the Cops on a Black Man Babysitting White Children.

One of these days folks are going to learn to mind their own business! A Georgia man by the name of Corey Lewis was looking after two children when he was stalked and harassed by a white woman at his local Walmart. The reason being, in his own word, "ALL because I’m black and have 2 white kids with me."

Lewis said the woman first approached him in the store's parking lot and asked him if the children were "okay". Lewis said the woman wasn't satisfied with what she saw and kept following him. She moved closer and asked him if she could talk to the two children and he told her "no", that's when things went into overdrive.

The woman followed him as he went to get gas and then followed him home! Lewis, who definitely isn't naive, recorded the incident on Facebook live.

Via CBS46:

"Lewis said the woman followed him all the way home. Then a Cobb County police officer showed up.

The officer questioned the 10-year-old and the 6-year-old before calling their parents.

David Parker and Dana Mango were in disbelief.

“I said are you saying that because there’s an African American male driving my two white kids, that he was stopped and pulled over and questioned and he said I’m sorry ma’am that’s exactly what I’m saying,” Mango said

The East Cobb couple arranged for Lewis to babysit their children weeks ago.

Their son attends his youth mentor program called ‘Inspired by Lewis’.

The parents believe Lewis was stalked, harassed and questioned by police.

“B-W-B which I guess is the new thing, babysitting while black,” said Parker.

Parker and Mango said they don’t believe that the woman was trying to protect their children because they never showed any signs of being in danger."

We're thankful that this situation didn't take a turn for the worse! We also need white people to understand that these "good citizen" calls RARELY end with the harmless Black person alive. Now, unless their goal is to end up with blood on their hands, we're gonna need folks to mind their damn business!


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