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Father Arrested for Child Abuse After He Spanked and Kicked His Son on Video! [WATCH]

A Tennessee father is behind bars after forcefully disciplining his son. Now listen, I'm no stranger to getting corporal punishment (yes, I turned out just fine) but these days, folks are taking punishment to the extreme.

Randy Dickens has been charged with child abuse and neglect for spanking and kicking his six-year-old son Damian. The charges came after the child's mother, Nia Snow, called the police on her ex-husband and showed then the surveillance video of the incident.

Take a look at the news story below that contains the actual footage.

Fox also reports "Dickens wasn't home at the time deputies were called to the incident and refused to return to the residence. The suspect later turned himself in early Monday morning.

Two rifles were also seized from the scene due to the nature of the crime and deputies reached out to the Department of Children's Services.

Snow says Dickens has since bonded out of jail, with restrictions that he cannot come into contact with Snow or Damien."

I get the fact that folks who were spanked most times turn into parents who spank their children but this here, was a bit much for a child this age and size. The kicking was definitely uncalled for! All of this seems to overshadow the fact that the child's mother said her previous boyfriend abused this same child as an infant.

Ma'am, at what point are you going to start doing the work on yourself so that YOU make better choices when it comes to a mate? Yes these men need to be held accountable but as a mother, she holds some of the bag as well. As mother's, we have a duty to keep our children safe and being with men who you KNOW are abusive isn't holding up your end of the maternal bargain. Thanks for calling the cops this time though. . .

Hopefully this entire family will get some help. This little boy is definitely going to need it so that he doesn't grow up and repeat the cycle of abuse.


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