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R. Kelly Thinks Our #MuteRKelly Campaign is "Too Late"! [WATCH]

Some people just never get the picture. . . The citizens of the internet along with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have been trying to #MuteRKelly for sometime now. Streaming services have pulled his music from their catalogs, concerts are being cancelled and folks everywhere are withdrawing support for the musician. With all of this going on, one would think Kelly would fade into the background (especially amid new legal allegations) and wait until the storm passes but, no, ya boy is out here celebrating.

In a recent video posted to Twitter, Kelly can be seen and heard toasting with his pals saying that it's "too late" to try and stop his music now.

TMZ reports that "Kelly was simply celebrating with his pals -- including former basketball player Antoine Walker -- rather than bashing any of his accusers. We're told his "too late" comment was in reference to those trying to silence him, like Spotify.

Fact is ... R. Kelly's streaming numbers have actually gone up since Spotify announced it was removing his music from its playlists. Sources say Kelly was simply pointing out his music has made its impact around the world, and nothing will change that."

I do think he was referring to the silencing of his music and not his alleged victims however, it's never too late for either!

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