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The Clark Sisters Calvary Drags Wendy Williams to Hell Over "Step Up Your Game" Comment in

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. . . one of these days you're going to learn that some things are off limits and shading "The Clark Sisters" is one of them. On a recent show, Wendy made a reference to Snoop Dogg having a #1 hit and that The Clark Sisters were allegedly feeling some type of way over it. She followed the statement by questioning how long they'd been in the Gospel music industry, their number one hits and then telling them to "step their game up". Watch.

That brief statement was all it took to rouse the Calvary and having them flooding Wendy's mentions from here until that great gettin' up morning!

Even Gospel artists, Fred Hammond and Karen's daughter Kierra Sheard, spoke out in their defense!

In the mood for some more brutal, yet hilarious, clap backs? Click through this gallery!

Poor Wendy, I bet she didn't know church folk could play the game of petty better than she could!

UPDATE: This song happened and Wendy extended an olive branch!

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