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Amandla Stenberg Stars in New Film "The Darkest Minds" and the Trailer Looks Awesome! [WAT

What happens when you mix "The Hunger Games", "X-Men", "Whatever Happened to Monday?" and a ton of teen angst and hormones? You get "The Darkest Minds"! Based on the young adult book series by Alexandra Bracken, the film promises to give us everything we ever wanted to be as teenagers except, with super powers!

"Set in a dystopian near-future America where 98 percent of children have succumbed to a mysterious deadly disease, The Darkest Minds—directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson—follows the journey of Ruby (Amandla Stenberg), a young person who survived the outbreak. But like the rest of the 2 percent of surviving kids, Ruby developed dangerous superpowers that she has no idea how to control. When the remaining kids are rounded up into rehabilitation camps to contain their powers, she escapes, finding herself caught up in a group of runaway teens looking to fight back against the Government’s iron grip over the powered kid population."

Personally, I like movies that take a play on reality and spin the narrative in such a way that you find it far fetched but still make you wonder, "Is the government really crazy enough to do this to us," kind of way. (The answer is usually yes, they are that crazy, btw). I'm here for this adaptation and I can't wait to see it!

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