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SZA Injures Her Ankle on Stage and a Fan Catches it on Video! [WATCH]

While performing in New Orleans singer SZA, pronounces sizza, suffered an unfortunate injury that set the star to the Emergency Room and one fan caught the whole thing on video.

In the throws of performing her hit song "Love Galore", and definitely feeling herself, SZA can be seen in the clip jumping around on stage and hyping up the crowd. At one point she jumps, around the 5 second mark, and lands "off" visibly twisting her ankle. She attempts to play it off but limps off stage and is gone from sight. The crowd, however, keeps jamming unaware of the seriousness of her injury.

She took to her personal Twitter account to give her loyal and loving fans an update.

At least she didn't full on wipe out like one of my favs!

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