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Idris Elba Shows Off the First Look at His New Film "Yardie"! [WATCH]

In 2016 Actor Idris Elba announced that he would be making his directoral debut with the film adaptation of the 1992 novel "Yardie" by Victor Headley. It's taken him just two short years to bring this dream to fruition but, he proudly announced that "Yardie" was complete and coming to theaters!

"Yardie" is the story of a streetwise Jamaican thug, who recruits soldiers and enters a world of crack, fast cash, guns, and vicious gang violence. It promises to be an explosive cultural glimpse into the underworld and the inner sanctum of drug lords.

Take a look at the trailer.

Although it's a turn away from all of the positivity that Black people are feeling after watching "Black Panther", I think that this film just might do well at the box office. "Yardie" first premiered during the film festival circuits but will hit theaters sometime later this year. Congrats Idris!

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