Tiffany Haddish Details Molestation, Handicapped Sex and Spousal Abuse in "The Last Black Unic

When I saw "Girls Trip" during the summer, I became an instant fan of Tiffany Haddish. She's absolutely hilarious and has one of the most sincere down-to-earth personalities that I've ever seen, Her fame seems to almost take her by surprise, even though she spoke it into existence, and you can't help but to laugh at, and with, her when she's telling a story. When I got word that she had written a book about her life, I knew I had to have it the first day that it dropped! Now, because I don't have the actual time to read, I bought it on Audible and jumped right in. I thought it would be an "easy listen" but what I heard. . . struck a nerve in me that I never even knew was there.

Ms. Haddish hasn't been secretive about her upbringing and spending a large portion of her childhood as a ward of the state, neither has she been shy about her mother's mental illness and growing up poor. I've only heard these stories during interviews and always with the laughter and wit that we've come to expect from her. I was ill prepared for the book version.

"The Car Accident"

In the chapter entitled "The Car Accident", Haddish gives the details on the horrific car accident that took a very stern mother, crippled her brain and made her abusive. Verbally and physically. She detailed how her mother, who already didn't "like" her, would lash out at her, call her ugly and tell her she hated her. It was heart breaking to hear the little girl in her voice who just wanted a mother's love. After suffering abuse and her mother landing in jail, Haddish and her siblings ended up in foster homes. It was in one of these foster homes where Haddish was molested by a "foster grandfather". The saddest part, she didn't even know she was being molested.

"A Handicapped Angel Named Roscoe"

If there was ever a chapter of a book that made you holler out laughing, this one is it! Ms. Haddish recounts the story of how she once had a disabled co-worker/temporary boyfriend and all of the adventures that ensued. After the break-up it was Roscoe who got the last word then vanished without a trace. The gag is, Haddish still has the hots for him.

One of the most difficult sections to listen to were the chapters that dealt with her ex-husband and the abuse he issued. From choking her because "she talked too much" to suffering a miscarriage due to his torture. The entire book is a walk through her life that leads you through the dark alleys, over the fences and into the promised land. It's an emotional journey that will make you cry and burst out laughing in the same paragraph.

Tiffany Haddish's life, as detailed in "The Last Black Unicorn", is the reason why she's so excited to be exactly where she is today. She's been through some of the worst situations anyone could imagine and she's used it all as fuel to reach her dreams. Do I suggest you buy it, ABSOLUTELY. Get this book today! #SheReady!

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