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England's Prince Harry got Engaged to the America's Meghan Markle and the Celebration was he

I've watched Prince Harry grow up right before my eyes and I'll admit, I knew he possessed his mother's, Princess Diana's, free spirit. He's a people person, served his country and evidently loves on his own terms.

It's no secret that the royals have a strict code of conduct and their mates are always under serious scrutiny but, Prince Harry, ever his own person, chose love the real, organic way. Prince Harry has been dating Meghan Markle, an American actress, since the two were paired up on a blind date in 2016. He proposed over dinner with a ring specifically designed for her with diamonds from his late mother's own jewelry collection. The most beautiful thing about this impending union, Meghan is bi-racial.

Markle, born to an African American mother and a father who is of Dutch and Irish descent, will be the FIRST royal in the family who has a bi-racial (or tri-racial) ancestry! When the great folks on Twitter found out the good news, the unofficial engagement party amongst us common people erupted!

Check out the most hilarious tweets below!

And the best one of them all!

The couple is set to wed in the Spring of 2018 and almost the entire world will be watching, will you?

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