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Tangled Web: Amidst Protest, Police Issue Statement on Kenneka Jenkins and Audio of the Hotel "

The Chicago Police Department is finally breaking their silence in the Kenneka Jenkins suspicious death case. After a very peaceful protest the police, who have been reviewing video from 47 different cameras around the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont in addition to the video posted on Facebook, have decided to share the video with Jenkins' mother. The surveillance video, at this time, will not be shared with the public in any capacity. Rosemont spokesperson Gary Mack said "We're trying to be as understanding as we can to the mom and to be as compassionate as we can," he said. "Now that our detectives have had the chance to look at it, we're hopeful it will be helpful to her."

So far the police have interviewed 12 people in connection to this case but admit that the "social media detectives" are making it hard for them to do their jobs. Rosemont's Mayor Bradley Stephens said "It's unfortunate that some of that stuff's convoluting the investigation because all those leads have got to be followed up on."

In the wake of the surveillance video being made available to Jenkins mother, Teresa Martin, new audio files have surfaced that plays certain, nearly audible, sections of the conversations going on inside the hotel room the night Kenneka died. It is believed that one of the women can be heard saying "They're stupid, they're in there raping that girl" and Irene Roberts can be heard replying "I told y'all". Take a listen and judge for yourselves.

The only part that I clearly heard from the background was the part about people "using freezers a lot too" other than that, it's anybody's guess what they were saying. I'm still keeping my ear to the ground and contacting officials for answers so, the minute I know something, you will too!

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